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Corkscrew Exercise: How to Do It To Strengthen Your Abs

How do Corkscrew Exercise Work with Muscles?

Corkscrew exercise targets your stomach muscles and, in a lesser degree, your hips and thighs.

Let’s take a closer view.

  1. Abs And Obliques
  • Many of my clients are surprised to learn that the core muscles of their bodies play a crucial role in supporting the spine and lower back.
  • It is the foundation of good posture.
  1. Legs and hips
  • Throughout the corkscrew exercise, you’ll feel your hip flexors & hamstrings engage.
  • Hip flexors, a muscle that connects your hips with your thighs, are essential for moving your legs to walk and kick.
  • Doing a few reps at slow speeds will allow you to feel the full effect of this corkscrew exercise on your muscles.
  • As you move your legs slowly, feel the changes in your abdomen and legs.

Pilates Corkscrew Exercise Guide

Before you begin the exercise, make sure to carefully read the instructions. Also, be aware of the common errors that can occur.

They might not cause any immediate harm to your body.

The flip side of the coin is that if you continue doing the exercise incorrectly, you could sustain repetitive strain injuries to your lower back or spine. You may need to visit a physio center in the area for treatment and massages.

These are the steps:

Step 1: Place your arms and palms on a mat.

Step 2: Straighten your legs straight up towards the ceiling, and let your lower back press down on the mat.

Step 3: Take deep, slow breaths and engage your abdominal and legs. This will prevent pressure from building up on your lower back during the corkscrew exercises.

Step 4: With your knees together, slowly lower your legs towards the side. Next, move in a circular motion using your tips of your toes.

Step 5: Keep your neck and shoulders stable on the mat, and balance with your arms.

Step 6: Slowly breathe out for the first part of the circle motion, then inhale while returning to the starting point. Repeat.

Step 7: As your confidence grows, you can move on to the next level. You should challenge your body to lower your legs so that they are parallel to each other. However, your lower back must not move off the mat.

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