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Cooking Manga: Is good enough to cook

Iron Chef manga is a Japanese cooking manga. These comics are about the excitement and spills (mostly spills)that occur when baking, frying, and slicing becomes a competitive sport. They also transform the kitchen into a setting for romance, comedy and intrigue. These stories are delicious and you will find yourself craving sushi or cream puffs while you read them.

Cooking Manga Oishinbo ala Carte by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki

Shiro Yamaoka, a journalist, is more than just an editor. He’s also a skilled gourmet chef with the skills, tenacity and taste buds to discover the best Japanese cuisine. Yamaoka, along with Yuko Kurita, is on a quest to discover the best flavours and dishes in both grand and small restaurants. Shiro must compete with Yuzan Kaibara, his arrogant and rich father. Kaibara, a demanding gourmet, terrorizes Japanese cooks with his demands for the finest food and best preparations.

The Drops of God by Tadashi Ai and Shu Okimoto

Decanter Magazine has named The Drops of God as one of the most influential wine magazines in the world. This publication is a key reason for the increase in wine interest in Asia. Why? The Drops of God is a great resource for wine lovers. It features real wines that readers can buy and taste. The Drops of God also teaches the finer points of wine appreciation in an accessible way that’s both entertaining and informative.

Shizuku is the son of a well-known wine critic, who has abandoned his father’s world. When his father passes away, a will states that Shizuku must compete against an arrogant young critic to inherit a multimillion-dollar wine collection. Shizuku accepts the challenge and sets out on a journey full of new tastes, places and experiences.

Fumi Yoshinaga: Not Love but Delicious Food (Make me So Happy)

Manga artist Fumi Yoshinaga, Ooku, Antique Bakery has never hidden her passion for Cooking Manga and good food. She shares her top picks for Tokyo dining and laughs about the people she would date if she was not working.

Nom-Nom November: Food and Cooking Manga

It is not surprising that food is an integral part of every society. A recipe can cause a family to fight or even a child to want to make a pastry. Many people will spend their entire lives perfecting one recipe or creating the perfect meal. There are endless possibilities in the world of food. This is what makes every story so delicious.

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