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Sears “Travel With Sears” to rebrand

As The Travel With Sears Specialists

With news that Sears Canada would be closing its remaining 130 stores this week, Travel With Sears Brands (which had the rights to use “Travel Sears”) has announced that Red Label Vacations Inc. will now rebrand Travel as The Travel Sears Experts. All Travel Sears physical locations will close and employees will move to their homes. This change will not result in any job losses.

Brand remain safe

“All bookings under the brand remain safe, secure and protected. [by Sears Canada ] Read a press release by Travel SearsBrands.

The new brand, will take full responsibility for servicing all Sears clients. They also plan to continue operating and serving future clients. This structural rebranding is in line with the goal of offering exceptional service to Canadian Travel in a one-on-1 environment.

“Sears Brands would love to thank its clients and partners for supporting Sears Travel. We look forward to continuing as The Travel Experts in the Red Label Vacations group companies.” said Travel SearsBrands.

Sears Leisure and Travel

Morgan’s Half Acre Produce offers a relaxed and family-friendly environment with easy parking. Most of the staff are family members and are available to answer any questions you may have about the produce or offer cooking tips. They can also help you with directions. The iconic farm stand sells maple syrup and honey from local farms, as well as fresh baked pies and shakes made from farm-grown fruit. This is an example of how a community can come together to achieve their dreams and friends become family.

Morgan’s Half Acre Produce was built in 1899 as the creamery of Auburn Guernsey Farms. Later, it was known as “The Stage Stop”, a country store that sold homemade ice cream and later a restaurant owned by different owners.

Kelli Morgan, the owner, began selling sweet corn at a temporary stand in the parking lot corner in 1992. Sometimes, she would add some fresh, juicy peaches from Ned Morgan, her college friend. The seeds of success were sown from that point!

Morgan’s Half Acre Produce was founded by two farms families who decided to start a business together in 2005. They use this fantastic location in the Finger Lakes to sell the produce and vegetables that they have grown on their farms. Even though it dates back to the mid-1900s, the building is accessible for all handicaps today.

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