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Rocky Topsports Partners “Team Travel Source” Store

GATLINBURG (TN) – Rocky Top Sports World, Gatlinburg is proud to be the Official Housing Company for all events held at the facility from June 1, 2023. Rocky Top Sports World and Team Travel Source will provide housing solutions for all Rocky Top Sports World events.

Team Travel Source provides innovative services for event planners, managers, and organizers of sports tournaments. It offers hotel accommodations for teams and individuals who are attending competitions or events. Serena Andrews Higdon, April LaFramboise and their co-owners have combined 40 years of experience in planning for a variety of sports events and industries.

Rocky Top Sports World’s General Manager Jim Downs stated that Team Travel Source is eager to establish a relationship. We are confident that this partnership can grow and surpass the expectations of our guests, as well as our event organizers.

“We are thrilled to be Rocky Top Sports World’s new housing partner!” Andrews Higdon stated that Team Travel Source focuses on providing exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations of partners, teams and event attendees as well as CVBs, Sports Commissions, and hotels. LaFramboise said, “We are proud to have an energetic, ethical and hard-working staff whose primary priority is to communicate effectively and proactively with all involved in order to ensure that 100 percent of their housing requirements are met.” As Rocky Top Sports World has been on our radar for many decades, we are humbled and honored to be chosen to become the new housing company. We look forward to working together with all of you!

About Team Travel Source

A sports-focused housing company, is known for its innovative approach and ability to exceed customer expectations. Team Travel Source handles the housing component of hundreds of youth sporting events in the United States every year. There is a strong emphasis on cheerleading, lacrosse and volleyball. April LaFramboise, and Serena Andrews Higdon, were former event producers. Team Travel Source has doubled its business year over due to their commitment to customer service and is still the benchmark for third-party housing services. Team Travel Source has many offices across the US, including Louisville and Baltimore as well as Dallas, Dallas, and Knoxville.

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Difficult Check In

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