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Rotational Exercise: Do your workouts make it


Rotational exercise Every day we move forward and reverse. We move from one side to the other. We move up or down. We move up and down.

  • We move in EVERY direction.
  • Yet, too often our workouts do not force us to move on all planes.
  • How useful is it to train one plane of motion only?

Your workouts should help you feel better and make you move better. This means that we must move in all planes of motion just like in everyday life.

Three planes of motion we use every day are:

Sagittal – This plane divides the body in right and left. The flexion and extension are the movements in the sagittal plan. You can move forward or backward, up and down, and vice versa.

Frontal – This plane divides your body into the front and back sides. The frontal plane allows for abduction and adduction. You can move from side to side.

Our workouts mainly include Sagittal Plane movements such as squats (deadlifts), pull ups and pushups. There are also a few movements that use the Frontal Plane (side lues, side shuffling or chest flyes).

We neglect rotational exercise all too often.

Here are some of our favourite functional rotational exercise as demonstrated by Redefining Strength clients.

Rotational Exercise

  1. Sledgehammer swings – Swinging the sledgehammer is so much fun and empowering. It is also a great exercise to strengthen your core and increase power.
  2. Woodchoppers: I have two versions of what I call the “woodchopper”. The low to high chop is one, and the high to low chop is the other.
  3. Battling Ropes Rainbows: Battling ropes can be a great way to move your body in all planes of motion. Alternating waves, or stagecoach can be used to work in the sagittal plan. Sidewinders can be used to work in frontal plane.

Battling Ropes Rainbows is done by holding the ropes up with the handles pointed toward the ceiling. Take a few steps in and pull the rope straight out. Keep your hands close together.

Rotate the handles to the right of your right hip, and pivot your left foot. Pull the rope upwards and toward your left hip. As you pull the rope towards your left hip, pivot your right leg. Next, arch your left leg upwards and bring the rope toward your shoulder. Then bring it back to your right hip. Continue pivoting and rotating your rope from hip-to-hip, arching upward toward your shoulders, as you move the rope from one hip into the next.

Rainbows is the name of this move. It’s a combination of hip to hip and an arch.

  1. Hanging Knee Circulars – This rotational hanging core exercise will help you strengthen your grip, abs, and lats. These 10 Hanging Core Exercises will give you tips on how to make Hanging Knee Circles. There are many other variations in this post to help you move in any direction.

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