Tips for Choosing Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Wicker Chairs Introduction This article will guide you through the process of finding the ideal outdoor wicker chairs to sit on your patio or porch. These tips will help you look …

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Wicker Chairs


This article will guide you through the process of finding the ideal outdoor wicker chairs to sit on your patio or porch. These tips will help you look for high-quality outdoor wicker furniture that meets your requirements in every way.

Outdoor Wicker Chair Shopping Tips

For porches and patios, resin wicker chairs are a popular choice. Finding the right ones is important and you want to make sure you know what to be looking for.

Let’s say you’re searching for chairs to put on your patio. Most likely, you have already chosen where and how to place the Home Improvement chairs. The next step is to decide on the best style, color, as well as cushion to match your outdoor décor. This will ensure that you have the support and comfort you’re hoping for.

Find brick and mortar, or on-line wicker store or reputable furniture stores. Beware of shopping at hardware stores and stores that offer wicker furniture only during the season of spring. These stores generally do not carry the same quality wicker furniture that you will discover at a retailer that deals in all-year-round wicker furniture. Also, you won’t be able to return to a box store and find matching pieces once they’ve gone out of stock for the season like you could find at a wicker shop that tends to carry collections of wicker for many long periods of time.

Tips to Think About when shopping for Wicker Chair:

  • The Chair Form or Stye
  • The Rise Between the Ground And the Seat Platform
  • The Arm Design
  • The Back Height
  • The Color
  • The Cushion Type
  • The Cushion Fabric

The style and form of the chair is a matter of taste but should also conform to the other furniture pieces in your outdoor decor. Wicker furniture is very versatile so most wicker pieces can be used together. However, there are certain exceptions. You may not be able to match a modern sectional design that features corners that are squared off, with traditional wicker pieces. Make sure to stick with either a tradition wicker or a modern wicker style.

The majority of people don’t have to be concerned about the difference between the floor and the seat’s platform or cushion since they are uniform, meaning that the average person will be somewhat comfortable but not entirely comfortable sitting in the chair. If, however, you’re either extremely short or tall in stature it is recommended to pay attention and find out more about the seat height. A chair in which your feet aren’t touching the ground or your knees are getting close to your chin could be disappointing to not the least.

The arms of wicker furniture can have different shapes that could influence your comfort. The Bar Harbor collection for example includes a flat armrest while others have arms that are rounded. Certain arm rests are rounded where the hand rests on and rolls across the back of the chair. These are things you should be looking for and think about to ensure comfort and aesthetics when you are shopping for the right chair.

You can have a chair’s back to be tall or short, or somewhere in between. This isn’t as much a design issue, but a practical one. Some people prefer chairs with a high back for assistance. However, this is a personal choice.

The color is the most important thing to consider. There is a limit to the colors that you can select based on the vendor you’re purchasing your chairs from. Choose the color finish that you are comfortable with.

The cushions for a chair can make all the difference in the world with respect to comfort and design. If you’re shopping for a standard wicker, you can choose cushion cushions that are tufted or made of foam. Tufted cushions are less expensive and are very adequate to use with standard wicker. The solid foam cushions are sturdy and sport an unassuming appearance. You will receive thick foam seat cushions that are filled with fiber cushions when you purchase deep-seated chairs. Cheaper versions of cushions are available in boxes and hardware stores. They usually last only one season as compared to buying high-quality cushions at a wicker store or cushion maker. Of course, in the case of cushions you’ll get what you spend for.

You can select the fabric when you shop at the right store. A wicker shop with numerous options for fabrics is a great location to shop. You can customize your cushions to match your decor and the Wicker. You are usually able to choose between the all-weather or Sunbrella fabrics that give you the greatest benefit.