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All-weather Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

All-weather Fabric for Outdoor Cushions


All-weather fabrics (also called spun polyester fabrics) are the most sought-after option for cushions replacement for many decades. This is because of their similar texture and appearance to indoor cotton based fabrics. Although spun polyester may not be the longest-lasting outdoor fabric, it serves an Home Improvement important reason by satisfying the requirements and providing a wide range of choices at a reasonable cost. This article will assist you in understanding the benefits of All Weather fabric and why it’s to be considered when ordering cushions for replacement.

State of Utilization

Using spun polyester all-weather fabric for replacement cushions has been an essential component of pillow and cushion production for decades until recently, when acrylic fabrics like Sunbrella(r) were introduced to the market. Acrylic fabrics are more resistant to fading than other fabrics and have a longer life time due to its better resistance to sunlight. All-weather fabrics also offer an array of flowers and other prints.

All-weather fabrics became popular in the past few years because they were made to withstand the elements of nature as opposed to their indoor counterpart which was a cotton-based fabric which did not perform as well with the elements outside. All-weather fabric is made with spun polyester yarn that is similar to cotton and is waterproof. The fabric is suitable for being able to be machine washed and dried.

Printing Patterns, Stripes, Colors

A fabric that is all-weather must be printed with ink in order to produce a solid, stripe, or design. Printed spun polyester fabric is a white roll of fabric which is then put through the printing process. The process is applied by applying the inks to the surface and subsurface of the fabric. This printing technique allows the designer to print any type of design in any color they desire on the base fabric of polyester. This is a fantastic way to create all-weather fabrics.

Color Fading

The inks offer 300-500 hours of UV protection before they begin to fade. in contrast to Sunbrella’s acrylic fabric which offers a 5-year guarantee against fading when exposed the full sun. Fading doesn’t mean the end of the cushion. Fading occurs gradually and it isn’t evident in its beginning stages unless the cushion is placed against another one that has never been exposed to direct sunlight.

To stop your all-weather cushions from discoloring, you must protect them from UV rays. This can be done by covering your furniture with covers, storing the cushions in a storage container in your patio, or even bringing the cushions out when not in use. While this may be slightly inconvenient for some, it’s not a problem if you only have tufted cushions. Furniture covers are recommended for those with a lot of deep cushions.

Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are an excellent option to shield your furniture from harmful consequences of dirt, grime and UV Rays. They also help keep your cushions and furniture clean throughout the all year. This is an excellent idea, especially if you’re having problems with the droppings of birds, fruits and berries that fall on your furniture.

Fabric Economics

If cushions made of all-weather fabrics begin to fade after few hundred hours and other fabric types like Sunbrella fabrics offer a longer time to expose themselves to UV light before it fades, why don’t you simply buy the cushions made of acrylic? It’s very simple and twofold. It’s the cost as well as the wide variety of floral and other distinctive designs that the all-weather fabric offers over acrylics.

Acrylic fabrics are more costly than all-weather fabric due to the method of production and cushion makers spend a lot of money on making acrylic cushions as well. A fabric that is all-weather is printed, which is a cheaper method of obtaining the design printed on the fabric when compared to the acrylic fabrics that use dyed solution yarns which need to be woven to implement the pattern of the fabric. In addition to the cost of the acrylic base material. is more expensive than polyester.

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