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Nancy’s Sky Garden: Inspired by Korea, Focuses

Nancy’s Sky Garden is a Georgetown institution that has been in operation for five years. It offers healthy options and a patio area where guests can relax.

Nancy Lee, a local restaurant owner, said that Won and Nancy Lee moved from Korea 20 years ago. They noticed a shortage of healthy options in the area.

Nancy Lee said, “I love going out to eat but I realized how difficult it can be if your goal is to avoid eating so unhealthy all of the time.” “Eating healthy is great for your health in many ways. It makes me happy when our customers tell us that their food makes them feel happier.”

Nancy’s Sky Garden in Georgetown, which has locations in Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock, is a Korean-inspired restaurant that offers a healthy menu and a selection of specialty teas. It is located on the fourth floor in Georgetown’s Tamiro Plaza building.

Customers can choose to eat in the dining room decorated with Korean-inspired art, or outside on the patio with succulent plants. The view overlooks downtown Georgetown.

The restaurant’s menu features low-calorie, high-protein food options as well as many fruits and veggies.

For a low-carb diet, entrees can be served with a color wheel plate of vegetables and a protein or with a salad and sweet potato. This is similar to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate system.

Nancy Lee stated that the most popular dishes in the restaurant are pan-seared Tofu, Mango Chicken, and Almond-Ginger Chicken.

Nancy Lee, a keen gardener, said that she is pleased with the impact her restaurant and her husband have made in the community.

She said, “I love gardening and helping other people.” “Food makes people feel better and the garden brightens their day. We are grateful for the local service that our customers provide.

Nancy’s Sky Garden is a Must-Try, Allergen-Friendly Restauant! You have options for egg-free, GF, and DF!

Because sometimes mom needs a break from cooking, I am always looking for healthy restaurants. The problem is that I don’t just want healthy food, but I also want it to be gluten-free, dairy free, egg-free, and nut-free for my son, who has Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

Yelp came to the rescue with this find! Nancy’s Sky Garden is now open in Round Rock and Georgetown. All of the restaurant’s menu is gluten-free, so cross-contamination is not possible. Every entree contains at least 50% of fresh produce. This is something I highly recommend to my clients.

This is an image of their ordering guidelines for anyone who wants to lose weight. Improve your health Increase your fiber intake Have more energy? All of you are allowed to fall in love.

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