Cork Wallpaper Ideas that could uniquely transform your rooms

Cork Wallpapers is like looking at beautiful work of nature that symbolizes various colors and depth. It is a classic environmentally friendly type of wallpaper that was made up of cork oaks. It is considered …

Cork Wallpapers is like looking at beautiful work of nature that symbolizes various colors and depth. It is a classic environmentally friendly type of wallpaper that was made up of cork oaks. It is considered as one of the most sustainable for energy saving and has a lot of benefits.

Aside from that, you would expect warmth and a welcoming sense of comfort that it can give to your home like many other house wallpaper.

It will promise sustainability, durability as well as beauty and style for your interior and design. You may also level up by using branded and trusted wallpapers like the collection of Schumacher wallpaper.

Now, we are happy to share fantastic ideas that you can get from using a cork wallpaper for your homes. We would also like to provide tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of such wallpapers and how to properly install them on your walls.

More of Cork Wallpaper

What it is made of – from natural materials, indeed it is being more popular than ever at this time, where people are going for more environmentally friendly materials for their houses.

A cork is an air-filled or natural hard foam that can be used for different amazing products.  We are all familiar with bottle cork but aside from that, you could use this material for proper insulation, flooring, decorative products, and of course wallcovering that is truly astonishing.

It is made up of a pure cork oak from the bark of wood. It is grown in warm and sunny environments like in Italy, Morocco and the biggest and consistent producer of cork is Portugal.

In manufacturing, a fine wallcovering you must have a premium quality of cork. And that is the main goal of many producers and retailers.

Perks of using Cork Wallpaper in your rooms

  • You can enjoy a cozy and warm surface.
  • An added heat insulation.
  • Since it has an antibacterial property, you could sleep sound to good indoor ventilation, and perfect for those who have allergies.
  • Easy cleaning experience.

Cozy Lounge

Who does not want a stunning feature wall in their living room or lounge area? It is a perfect ambiance for your family and friends while enjoying a feel-good movie or a simple rest from a tiring day. This type of cork wallpaper design is capable of producing a soundproof and warm area for your room.

Lavish Bathroom

A luxurious transformation for your wash area is achievable using cork wallpaper from top brands like Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and producers of cork typed wallcovering. This cork wallcovering could guarantee durable pieces that also deliver trendy and fashionable styles for your home. Aside from its beauty, its elegant finish combined with mechanical strength and resistance is what you can expect from this type of wallcovering.

Living Room Accent Wall

The elegant and subtle feel of cork wallpaper brings a more aesthetic finish to your living room. This could be used as an accent wall or a background to a beautiful interior that is truly Instagram worthy. With this shade of brown like in the image above you could see how it perfectly blends with the lighting and furniture that brings warmth and joy to your space.

Metallic and Glossy Cork Wallpaper in style

You can also see other hues of cork wallpaper aside from its natural beauty of brown and white. You could also try the dazzling effect of a metallic or glossy theme for this type of wallpaper and be unique for your renovating style. Like a pink glossy wallpaper in the image above, it brings a lively ambiance that matches colorful room accessories and furniture.

Cork wallpaper for Cozier Home Office

The natural quality of cork wallpaper could keep up with the room humidity and aside from that, you could expect a cozier feel when you are in your room with a trendy cool wallpaper on your wall. That said, it is a perfect piece to use and incorporate with your precious space where you need to be more comfortable at any time.

Cork Wallpaper as Backsplash for your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen and make it more fashionable and sleek using cork wallpaper as an accent backsplash for your kitchen area. It not only looks fabulous like in the image above but it completely revamped the overall interior of your space. You could see a minimalist and contemporary design using a natural cork.