Buy Land in Belize

This guide is for investors who are interested in buying land in Belize. This guide will help you find land in Belize, whether you’re looking to build your dream home on a small lot or …

This guide is for investors who are interested in buying land in Belize.

This guide will help you find land in Belize, whether you’re looking to build your dream home on a small lot or for commercial development.

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Is it a good idea to buy land in Belize?

Investors have the chance to buy Belize land and own a piece of this beautiful country. It stretches from the Caribbean Sea islands to Central America’s rainforests.

Belize has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region in recent years. Overnight arrivals have doubled from 232,249 in 2009 to an unprecedented 489,261 in 2018.

Land purchases in the country, whether for a small home or large development plot, offer buyers the chance to benefit from this growth and the expected rise in land values in the most desirable areas.

Additionally, Belize does not have a capital gains tax so if you buy land and then sell it later for a higher value, Belize will not tax the profit.

What is the cost to buy land in Belize?

Cost of land in Belize is affected by many factors, including location and perceived value.

For large parcels of land on the beachfront, commercial development or upscale master-planned communities, prices can range from US PS60,000 to $150,000.

There are many islands available for sale in Belize for buyers who want maximum privacy. Prices range from US $500,000 to $12,000,000.

Can foreigners own land in Belize?

Yes, Belize allows foreigners to buy land. The Government of Belize welcomes foreign investment.

Foreign buyers are allowed to own land in Belize without restrictions. They also have the same rights and privileges as Belizean citizens.

Foreign buyers do not need to have a license or permit to buy property in Belize, unlike in Central America and the Caribbean.

You can purchase land in the name of an individual, or a company.

How do you buy land in Belize?

It is relatively easy to buy land in Belize.

Buyers will need to submit an offer of purchase to buy land. This is usually accompanied by a deposit that will be held in Escrow.

After due diligence has been completed, including title research, both the buyer and seller must sign a purchase agreement and transfer the balance of their purchase price.

The Government of Belize will issue a “Land Certificate” to the new owner (your title).

What are the Best Places in Belize to Buy Land?

What are the best areas to buy Belize property, and in particular land? It all depends on your personal preferences, goals and priorities.

Belize is a small country that has a Caribbean Sea coast and hundreds of islands. It’s also just a short hop from the second-longest barrier Reef in the world. The interior is lush and covered with rainforest. You can buy land at the beach, on an island or in the forest.

Popular spots include Ambergris Caye, the Placencia Peninsula along the Caribbean coast and Cayo District in west Belize.

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Belize is one of most beautiful countries on the planet. There are so many things to love about Belize: its jungles, clear waters, beaches of white sand, and low taxes. Many Belize retirees and property owners purchase Belize land. However, it is important to know the answers to these questions before you jump into land buying in Belize.

What do I need to be a citizen?

To own property in Belize, you don’t have to be a citizen. Belize allows foreign ownership and fee simple title. For land purchases, especially as an investment, it is a requirement that you have permanent residency or citizenship.

Is Belize all-land available for sale?

Belize has some restrictions about what kind of land you can buy. Nature reserve land, for example, can be purchased with strict restrictions. The ‘Queen’s’ land, which is located within 66ft from the water, cannot be purchased. There will always be restrictions regarding what is and what isn’t available in Belize.

Are I required to be in Belize to buy?

To purchase land, you don’t need to be present in Belize. You can buy land in Belize by contacting a licensed agent. Recent laws require that you have a valid passport to purchase land in Belize.

Are there monthly payments?

While bank financing is widespread around the globe, it is difficult to obtain traditional financing in Belize. Many people are able to finance their property through owner/vendor financing. Private seller agreements in Belize are legal and the vendor can carry the financing.