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Tips for Home Roof Replacement

It can be a thrilling experience to install a new roof. Children and pets might be awestruck by roofers ripping and tearing, hauling and nailing. They may even want to get as close as they can. This is dangerous. Your house becomes a work zone once the roofing company arrives. Work zones, as you can imagine, pose unexpected hazards. Roofer Springfield Tn have been working in the roofing and construction business for over 20 years.

These are some tips to make sure your roof replacement goes as smoothly as possible.

Take into consideration your children and pets

Loud noises from your home can increase anxiety and disrupt sleep habits. It may be fun to observe from a safe distance but work zones can pose a danger for pets and children.

Talk to your children about the fact that some areas of the yard or home will remain closed until the project is completed. Children and pets younger than 5 years old may not be aware of the dangers. You may feel more at ease visiting friends or family while your roof is being replaced. You can still stay at home while your roof is being replaced.

Transfer your vehicles

Contractors require quick access to their trucks and tools throughout the day. Contractors need somewhere to store shingles and other debris. You will want to keep your vehicle away from the area until work is complete.

To keep dust and debris out, keep garage doors shut during construction.

Take down wall decorations

You may feel the vibrations of hammers or machinery from your roof travel through walls, particularly if you need to make repairs to an existing deck.

Take a look at the rooms below your roof.

Take into account any pictures, knick-knacks or other items hanging from your ceilings or walls.

Take out decorations that aren’t secured permanently with screws.

To be safe, you can also opt to take out decorative light fixtures such as chandeliers.

Protect your belongings in the attic

Many roofers will be on your roof during a roof replacement. They will be pounding it with hammers. During a roof replacement, dust and small debris can fall into attic spaces.

To keep your personal items clean, you can cover them with old sheets and drop cloths until the roofing company is done. After construction is completed, you will need to vacuum these areas.

Move patio furniture and grills out of the work zone

While your roof is being installed, a shed or garage can be used to store outdoor items such as patio furniture, ornaments for the lawn, and potted plants.

You may be able to store these items in a secure area away from your work zone if you don’t have storage on-site.

Be aware that contractors won’t help you move personal belongings inside or outside your home.

Before construction begins, trim and prune trees.

Before your contractor can start work, any tree branches that are low to your roof need to be cut.

Drop cloths should be used by your contractor to protect grass and plants around your home. However, you must cut the grass at least one day before construction starts.

The short grass will keep any fallen debris out of your lawn. This makes cleanup easier and faster.

Locate several power outlets that are easily accessible

While they are working, contractors will need to have access to electricity. While exterior outlets are preferable, garage outlets can be used if you don’t have one.

Extension cords that are not plugged in outside or in the garage may have to be run through windows or doors to receive power outside. Extension cords can be dangerous and could cause a trip. Make sure you choose an outlet that isn’t frequented by foot traffic.

Remove antennas or satellite dishes

You will need to remove any satellite dishes or antennas that are located on your roof. Before roof work can begin, contact your satellite or cable provider.

Talk to your neighbours

Inform your neighbors about the work. You can give them an estimate of the time. They will be grateful! They will be able to adapt their work schedules and circumstances so they are most at ease while the work is being done.

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