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How to Use All Your Fall Leaves

The beautiful scene of autumn’s leaves changing colors to vibrant hues of orange, yellow, or red is one of the most stunning. The beauty fades when the leaves are gone. We are left with the dilemma of how to dispose of these leaves.

You may wonder how to get rid leaves from trees, as you are likely to be like many others. There are many options available to you, including moving them to another place, recycling them, or disposing of them completely.

What do you do with the leaves after raking?

They can be leaf blown

Your leaf blower is the best way to remove leaves. You can charge your leaf blower to blow the leaves in rural areas or wilderness areas. This may not be possible in suburban areas, but it could work if there is an undeveloped area nearby.

Your leaf blower can be used to move leaves into piles. This makes it much easier to get rid of them using the methods that we’ll discuss below. Do you want to rake or rake your leaves? It depends on how you feel about your neighbors and your carbon footprint. A leaf blower is far more gentle on your body than a rake, but it doesn’t produce the same amount of air pollutants as a gas-powered leafblower. A leaf blower is a great option if you are short on time but may cause more disturbance to your neighbors.

Take them with you

You won’t be able to blow them into the wilderness, so you might be wondering what to do about leaves in your yard. Bagging them is a simple solution. Amazon sells 30-gallon paper lawns and Kraft Leaf Bags, which are more environmentally friendly. Biodegradable bags can also be used, such as the 33-gallon Reli bag.

Many cities and counties will take your bagged leaves in their trash collection. Check your local website for information or call the county to find out if they offer this service. You may also consider contacting a waste disposal company like Republic Services or Waste Management to pick up your leaves. You can also call 1-800-Got-Junk for junk removal services. Junk King and 1-800-Got-Junk can take away your leaves.

You can also post your bags on local message boards to see what your neighbors think. They may be looking to either compost them, or make mold from them. If so they might want to collect as many as possible.

Mulch and mold

Leaves can be used for more than just being discarded. Can leaves be used to mulch? Yes, you can. Mulching your yard leaves can help you save money on mulch purchased at the store. Make leaf mulch by blowing or raking your leaves and then running your lawnmower over them to cut the leaves into smaller pieces. A bag attached to your lawnmower will make it easier. The bag can be used to spread leaf mulch in your garden as with other types of mulch.

You can compost them

Composting your leaves is another natural way to make use of them. Your leaves, along with other organic materials, such as food scraps can be composted over time to make natural fertilizer. The process of composting leaves is not as simple as leaf mold. It can take a while. Be aware that compost piles can attract critters before you start this project. Because your compost pile will likely contain food scraps, it is possible for them to draw critters. If you live in an HOA area, it is important to ensure that your compost pile doesn’t violate any regulations.

A cube or bin of three to five feet is required for a compost pile. A simple wire bin, or a stronger wooden bin can be used to make a compost pile. Next, you will need to prepare your leaves. But not all leaves are the same. You should avoid tough, waxy leaves like those from magnolia tree, or acidic leaves like those from oak trees. Maple, ash and beech are the best leaves for composting, as well as cherry and fruit trees.

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