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Tips to Protect Windows from Rain and Bad Weather

Due to climate change, which is bringing more rainy and stormy weather to our country, house windows must be protected from the rain. Extreme weather and howling winds can sometimes cause severe damage to your property. You can protect your home from bad weather with modern technology like roof clips and other such tools. Even home insurance policies can help to cover the financial costs of any damage. The emotional effects of severe storms and heavy rain can be difficult to overcome. Severe weather can cause destruction and be unpredictable. Homeowners can take preventative measures to minimize damage from severe weather or rainy conditions. ClearMax custom windows & Doors is a privately-owned San Diego company, founded in 2018. We have grown to be one of the most popular and fastest-growing California windows and doors installation and replacement businesses. ClearMax was created with the intention of reducing California’s carbon emissions and help homes become more efficient.

Protect Windows and Doors

To prevent wind or water from getting in through windows and doors, seal all entry points. In heavy rain or storms, windows and doors are the most vulnerable and weakest areas of the house. Wind blowing through them can push in an upward direction, which could cause further damage to the roof.

Storm shutters are a great way to seal these areas. You can repair or replace damaged windows with impact-resistant ones. You don’t have to spend a lot on storm shutters. However, plywood is inexpensive and can withstand the strong winds and heavy rain. Avoid opening doors to severe weather, as debris from flying objects can cause serious damage.

Remove Outdoor Items:

When a storm approaches, it is important to clear away all gardening tools, lawn furniture, and other outdoor equipment. Strong winds can lift outdoor items during storms or heavy rain and send them flying into your home through the entrance points.

Take Care of the Trees

As storms can take away large branches from trees, it is always a good idea to trim them. These branches can cause serious damage to your vehicle, roof, windows and power lines. You can protect your house and car by cutting down the branches of fallen trees. It is dangerous to leave any fallen vegetation in your yard during a storm.

Floodproof Your Home

Flooding and water damage can be caused by heavy rains. This can devalue your house and pose a threat to your house’s foundation. Dry flood-proofing your house can be done by using concrete to make your foundation watertight. You can stop water from getting into your house and foundation this way. Flood-proofing your home with wet flood paint is another option. This allows floodwater to pass through crawlspaces and basements.

Protect Your Roof

The roof is the most exposed area of a house and should be secured in heavy rains and storms to ensure that it does not damage the windows. To withstand severe weather, complete your roof repairs before the stormy and rainy seasons. Seal the chimney and vent pipes with sealant.

Take Safety with Electric Supply

Keep your appliances safe from floodwater and rainwater during storms. In case of severe weather or heavy rain, cover all sockets and switch them off. Make sure you have backup power in case of bad weather.

Check your insurance policies:

First and foremost, you should review your insurance policies. This will ensure that your property and you are covered in the event of bad weather, natural disasters, heavy rains, or storms.

Most policies don’t cover damage caused by rain, hurricanes or strong storms. However, such policies can be purchased separately from the homeowner’s insurance. These important documents should be kept safe away from your house. If there is damage to your house from bad weather, the insurance company will ask for these documents.

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