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Craigslist Little Rock: Condo Owner Confronts

Craigslist Little Rock, Ark. – A woman in the middle of selling her high rise condo in downtown Craigslist Little Rock was shocked when she saw her real estate listing on Craigslist-advertising her condo for rent.

  • Jamie Barron’s condo in downtown Little Rock is for sale. However, it has been listed by someone else for rent.
  • “You realize how vulnerable your vulnerability is. Jamie black modern chandelier Barron says, “I’m trying to sell my home.”
  • Jamie discovers that the scammer pretends to be the condo owner and sends her a fake driver’s licence.
  • Mitch McCoy, a reporter, says that it almost sounds too good to true. “I have the condo owner right here with me.”

Craigslist is the seventh most visited website in America, with more than 60 million users visiting each month. It’s all about selling and buying without hassles and provides a large local marketplace for investors, buyers, and sellers in Little Rock AR. It’s huge because it works. It’s worth learning about the benefits Craigslist has over other platforms if you haven’t yet considered Craigslist for selling your home.

Craigslist allows you to connect with buyers in major metro areas. Users can post in subcategories that are specific to their neighborhoods, or smaller areas, with one ad. Exposure and visibility are key to selling your home. You would be remiss if you don’t check out Craigslist if you live in Little Rock AR or near it, due to all its benefits.

Jesse Smith, 23, and his father met the men at Eagle Hill Apartments. They thought they would be returning home with an Xbox. Instead, they were victims of a Craigslist Little Rock burglary. Two men stole an iPhone and $300 cash. This robbery again highlighted how dangerous it is to meet strangers.

Maumelle police provide a safe place for people to meet up during Craigslist Little Rock transactions. The parking lot of the Maumelle Police Department is well lit at night and monitored by surveillance cameras. Officers are available 24/7. Officers have noticed that many people are taking advantage of the “Craigslist Safe Zone.”

It’s always staffed. It is always monitored via video. They can ask for help if they have any issues. But if they are up to no good, and you tell them to meet at the Maumelle Police Department they will probably not show up.

Captain Hansard said he sees people using the parking lot almost every other week. Police have received great feedback from the community and are happy to take some of that risk out of doing business online.

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