Best Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Are You Just Purchasing Your First Home, or are Already Owned Multiple Properties? There are some plumbing tricks you should know as either a novice homeowner or veteran with multiple properties. Plumbing problems will eventually …

Are You Just Purchasing Your First Home, or are Already Owned Multiple Properties? There are some plumbing tricks you should know as either a novice homeowner or veteran with multiple properties. Plumbing problems will eventually arise and knowing when and how to deal with them effectively are essential in keeping your home intact. Luckily there are numerous guidelines in place that offer guidance to all of us when dealing with plumbing issues in our homes. We offers an impressive variety of plumbing parts.

To make life easier for our homeowners, we enlisted our professional plumbers to find and share the tips and tricks they find most effective.

Know where your water shut off valve is

Your main water shut-off valve (also referred to as a stopcock) could save you thousands. Should a burst pipe occur unintentionally or major leak, closing this valve will quickly stop its supply to your residence and minimise potential damages to it.

Inspect your pipes regularly

Every year, inspect your pipes for cracks or leaks and be sure to repair them as quickly as possible – this will prevent further damage to your home and larger repairs later on.

Use strainers in your sink

Make sure to regularly clean out your drains so as to remove food particles and other substances that could potentially clog them. Doing this will ensure proper functionality of the system.

Dont hesitate to call a professional

Over time, oil and grease will accumulate in your drains, leading to blockages. To stop this from happening, collect it all in containers like an old coffee cup for recycling. Do not hesitate to seek assistance from an expert. Do not delay calling one for help.

If you experience issues with your plumbing, it’s wise to seek professional assistance immediately. Doing it on your own could only exacerbate matters further.

Annual Water Heater Inspection & Maintenance

Inspection and maintenance by licensed professionals is crucial in order to extend the lifespan of a water heater while keeping it running effectively and safely – not to mention that regular inspection and maintenance also helps protect warranties issued by manufacturers! Homeowners don’t often realize how important regular maintenance service can be!

Locating the water meter is typically within the cabinet beneath your sink, or in the basement. If you can’t locate it yourself, talk with your neighbours who likely share similar properties; take this chance to make new friends as well!

Clean your shower drain

Cleaning the shower drain may seem like an unpleasant chore, but a build-up of hair in your drain could become an irreparable problem without regular attention and removal of hair after each use – make sure that after every usage remove hair with a hair catcher before adding bicarbonate soda and cider vinegar mixture down each drain every few months for good measure!

If your drain remains blocked, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance – they will not only clear it, but may offer solutions as to how it could happen again in future. They’ll offer suggestions as to how it could happen again as well.

Don’t throw grease down the sink

Liquid oils and grease solidify when exposed to cold water, potentially blocking pipes and causing serious damage. Instead of pouring hot grease and oil from frying and roasting pans into one container and disposing of it directly in your regular garbage bin – an easy way to utilize any leftover plastic containers you might have from previous recipes!

Spot a leaking toile

A malfunctioning toilet can significantly increase water bills. One method to test for leaks is placing some food coloring in your tank; if you notice that the color changes within an hour it indicates there may be an issue.

Replace hoses

Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines require regular replacement of their hoses to function correctly, as worn-out hoses could become hazardous to your home’s structure and cause major disruptions. We suggest changing them every three to five years for optimal results.

Clean your faucets and shower

Mineral buildup on shower heads and faucets can be a serious annoyance, yet easily avoidable. A great way to do so is by tying a small container filled with vinegar directly onto either device overnight, then cleaning off any accumulation in the morning – problem solved!

Prepare for the winter

One of the most essential homeowner plumbing tricks for those with gardens of their own is getting ready for winter. Once temperatures begin to dip from mid-October until mid-November, disconnect your garden hoses from both taps outside. Drain any standing water out before storing away until next spring. Also ensure to shut off water to taps as any remaining in pipes could freeze and cause irreparable damage to plumbing systems.

Think about a Plumbing and Drainage cover

Rather than worrying about DIY repairs on your own and having no time or cash available to make last-minute fixes yourself, a home plumbing and drainage cover plan may be just what’s needed to give you peace of mind that an experienced plumber will arrive when needed.